The test drive is an essential step in buying a car; hours of research can’t compare to being behind the wheel. If you have an upcoming test drive with a car dealer near me, be sure to look out for these five important things.

Engine noise

You’ll ideally want to start your test drive with a cold engine. Listen to the engine as soon as it starts. Take note if it’s unnecessarily loud or if it vibrates too much as it’s warming up. Listen to other noises like squealing, rattling, and clicking.


Start at a slow speed before braking; is it firm or does it feel weak and spongy? If the brakes are weak then the car has a big safety issue. If you hear a grinding noise as the vehicle is slowing down, it means the brake pads haven’t been replaced.


Try going over some bumps, if you hear a lot of creaking or groaning and the vehicle won’t stop bouncing up and down, the suspension is at risk of giving way.

Climate control

If you live in a state like Georgia where the weather is hot and humid during the summer and cold and wet during the winter, a working climate control system is essential. Test out the hot and cold settings and see if they quickly get to the right temperature.


If the powertrain of a car is working properly, you will have little trouble accelerating to the right speed. If the car hesitates as you step on the gas and the acceleration feels weak, it could mean a serious problem with the engine. If you’re looking for a new vehicle to test drive, then head over to Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM. Our extensive inventory includes the popular Ram 1500 and the powerful Dodge Challenger.