Even vehicles need a little love and that’s why every April car owners everywhere celebrate National Car Care Month. We encourage everyone to visit our auto dealership near Douglas, GA, to give your vehicle a little TLC and make sure it’s just as good to you for years to come.

A good start for vehicle maintenance? A good, detailed carwash. It may sound silly but leaving your vehicle dirty for too long can actually cause damage. The salt from winter roads can be corrosive to paint and cause rust. Brake dust buildup can start to compromise your brakes. While you’re at it, clear out the clutter inside too and give your interior a good vacuum and dusting.

It’s also important to get a regular inspection of all your vehicle’s components. At our auto service center, we check all the moving parts under the hood. We also want to top off any fluids, as well as change filters. Every little part of your vehicle plays a crucial role and the smallest hiccup can cause lasting – and expensive – damage.

We also want to check your vehicle’s tires. We will inspect your tires’ tread and pressure to make sure they can handle any terrain. We also rotate your tires to make sure they aren’t wearing unevenly. Tires can endure some hidden damage during the spring, also known as pothole season. We want to protect them as much as possible.

Ready to celebrate National Car Care Month? Come to our service center at Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM at 1859 Golden Isles West in Baxley, GA for all the maintenance your vehicle needs. Our service center is open Monday through Friday 8a-6p and Saturday 8a-12p. We’ll see you soon!