Don’t let a flat tire completely derail your day. Once you’re equipped to change a flat, you can get back on the road in no time. Our car dealership in Baxley, GA has a few tips to help make sure you’re prepared.

Most drivers notice they’re driving with a flat tire immediately. Your vehicle may be making thumping or rattling noises, or start pulling to one side. If you notice the symptoms of a flat, slow down and turn on your emergency flashers. Exit the road completely. If there isn’t a nearby parking lot, pull onto the shoulder. Engage your emergency brake and exit the vehicle as carefully as possible, because other drivers may not see you.

Begin by loosening the lug nuts on your flat tire and jacking the tire completely off the ground. Once you have total ground clearance, completely remove the lug nuts and flat tire. Be careful not to lose them! Replace the flat with your spare tire and secure it with the same lug nuts. Store your flat tire in case it can be repaired.

You need to you replace your spare as soon as possible, because most spare tires aren’t built for long-term use. Only drive on your spare at limited speeds to minimize risk. At Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we’ll use genuine replacement parts to replace your tire quickly and conveniently.

We also encourage you to visit our auto service center for proper tire maintenance. We can help make sure your tires have adequate tread and inflation to help deter a flat. Plus, we will regularly rotate your tires to avoid uneven wear too. Don’t delay in caring for your vehicle – come see us today!