Drivers have loved Dodge vehicles for more than 100 years. Even if you are shopping for a used Dodge at Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we are confident you’ll find a car you can count on. Plus, there are lots of benefits to buying used too.

1. Cost

It’s no secret a new Dodge Durango is an SUV built to perform. But, you can get a used Dodge Durango for less and it still boasts premium power. By shopping for used cars, you can see significant savings on cost

2. Affordable Added Costs

You aren’t just saving on your car’s cost by buying used. You can also secure more affordable auto insurance and it typically costs less to register your car as well.

3. Less Depreciation

Another benefit of buying used is avoiding the depreciation of a new car. The largest percentage of a vehicle’s depreciation occurs within the first year, so by buying used you can avoid a large chunk of that depreciation.

4. Vast Inventory

When you are shopping new cars with a limited budget, there may be only a few options for you to choose from. By shopping used, you are opening yourself up to so many more choices. Instead of trying to scrimp and save for a new car, you can choose from thousands of used cars in all shapes, sizes, and prices!

5. Certified Pre-Owned Options

All of our vehicles get a meticulous inspection to ensure they are a vehicle you can count on. Our certified pre-owned vehicles have added peace of mind because they also include an extensive history report and extra warranties after you leave the lot.

Visit our Dodge dealership in Baxley, GA to check out our used Dodge inventory and see why buying used may just be your best decision yet.