For many of us, Jeep® has been a household name for years. Its vehicles don’t look like any other vehicles on the market, so identifying them out on the road is pretty easy. Even if you’re familiar with what Jeep vehicles look like, you probably don’t know these interesting facts about the Jeep brand.

The First Jeep Was Designed in Only Two Days

In 1940, once the United States government decided to get involved in World War II, officials knew that an army vehicle upgrade was in order. To replace the old Model T’s, Karl Probst – working for a truck company called Bantam – started creating a new design on July 17 and finished two days later. By July 22, the proposal was submitted to the government.

Jeep Received a Purple Heart

It might be a bit of an overstatement to say that World War II wouldn’t have been won without Jeep vehicles, but they played a huge part in the war. They were instrumental during two different beach landings, and because they were so durable and kept soldiers safe, one Jeep even received a Purple Heart, one of the military’s highest honors.

The Jeep Name is Still a Mystery

For a long time, it was thought that the name Jeep came from “GP,” which stood for “general purpose.” However, one of the first versions of these vehicles was called GPW, where the “G” stood for “Government,” the “P” for “Passenger,” and the “W” for “Willys,” a company that helped create it. One theory is that the vehicle was named after Eugene the Jeep, a character in the “Popeye” comic strip who was known for being small and a great problem-solver.

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