If you happen to be a lover of football, then you already know that there is nothing quite like the experience that you will get when you are tailgating outside on game day. Preparing for such a tailgate adventure means taking several key factors into consideration, from getting your vehicle ready to coming up with a shopping list for all of the food and beverages that you need to have on hand.


Get Cooking


Are you going to be bringing along a charcoal grill, gas grill, a smoker or a deep fryer? There are even some tailgaters that will bring along some of their favorite takeout food and snacks to enjoy with their beverages to create their own meals that are more like tailgate-fusion cuisine.


Must Have Accessories


Are you going to be bringing chairs or simply putting the tailgate down on your truck and setting up camp for a few hours? There are some tailgaters that will take their pre-gaming to a whole new level when they bring along a canopy and tables so that they can remain sheltered from the elements while enjoying themselves before the game. Think about bringing along decorations from your favorite team and a space heater if the temperatures are colder than normal.
What type of vehicle is your favorite for a tailgate party? Some say a tailgate party calls for a vehicle that actually has a tailgate, so you can always go with a truck or an SUV. However, there areĀ people some today who go with a wagon or van to transport more people along with supplies. Call us today at Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM at (855) 981-8026 if you are in need of a new Chrysler vehicle that is going to give you all of the room and styling that you need for tailgating.