Recently, USA Today and Mike Manley, the man who serves as the head of Jeep® and RAM automobiles, sat down for a chat to discuss future plans. Perhaps the biggest news to come out of the conversation was the revelation that the automaker is seriously looking into making a full-size RAM SUV.

Here at Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we don’t need to tell you how much we love RAM trucks. And as the dealership with one of the largest selections of RAM pickup trucks in the state of Georgia, we know just how much our Baxley, Waycross, and Douglass, GA-area drivers love a good all-American pickup truck. Which is why we love the idea of one of our favorite automakers, a company who has mastered the rugged yet tasteful art of the pickup truck, making a full-size SUV.

“You have the opportunity with a new frame for the next-generation [RAM]. You have the opportunity to take a large SUV off of it because we already have a very, very capable frame today that is going to be upgraded,” said Manley, according to USA Today.

Today’s market of automobiles is a wild and varied one. While trends tend to dictate what automakers manufacturer, certain automakers, like those behind RAM trucks, know that no trend can beat a quality vehicle. That’s why among the popularity of small SUVS and pickups, and crossovers, vehicles like the 2016 RAM 1500 and 2016 RAM 2500 are still so popular. 

The proposed RAM SUV would be built on the next-generation of the RAM 1500. While it’s still a bit down the road from now, and we don’t know exactly what it would look like or the potential specs, we can assume that it will look quite similar to the RAM 1500, only in SUV form. And it will most likely sport the same off-road prowess and refined interior that we’ve come to love from those trucks.