With some basic preventative maintenance, you can keep your car running well for many years. No matter what you drive, a high-end luxury sports car or a RAM 1500, all vehicles require something easy that you can usually get done on your lunch break: an oil change.

Why is Clean Oil so Important?

Heard the expression “oil is the lifeblood of a car”? Oil lubricates the moving parts in an engine. These parts scrape against one another, and without adequate oil, they’ll wear down faster. Proper lubrication also prevents overheating. Finally, oil can help stop corrosion by absorbing the dirt and debris particles that slip into your engine from the outside. Unfortunately, as the oil absorbs these particles, it becomes sticky, and eventually turns into sludge. When this happens, it becomes unable to properly lubricate then engine, putting it at risk for damage or a complete breakdown.

When it comes to your oil, be sure to keep these things to keep in mind:

Check Your Owner’s Manual

The old rule of thumb for oil changes used to be every 3,000 miles, but that’s no longer the case. Your owner’s manual will give you a recommendation for how often you should come in for an oil change.

Choose the Right Type

There are now more types of oil than ever, and it’s important to pick the right one. If your car has a lot of miles, for example, it will probably be worth going with oil for high-mileage vehicles.

Pay Attention to the Level

In addition to fresh oil, it’s also vital that you have the right amount of oil. While having to top the tank off every once in a while is normal, if you keep running low on oil, it could be a sign of a leak.

Has it been a while since you’ve gotten an oil change? Our Baxley service center can take care of you. From sedans and SUV to wagons and pickup trucks, we always make sure every vehicle we see gets the care and attention it deserves.