If you’ve chosen to commit to a Jeep® vehicle, whether it’s a brand-new Jeep SUV or one of our used Jeeps for sale in Georgia, you’ve probably fallen in love. And when you’re in love with a model, it’s natural to want to drive it as long as possible. If you’ve taken the plunge with a Jeep Renegade recently, our service technicians have their top tips for how to extend its life!

Jeep Renegade Maintenance Tips

The best way to preserve your beloved Jeep SUV is with regular maintenance and a little extra care.

  1. Review your owner’s manual. From maintenance schedules to explaining everything on your dashboard, an owner’s manual is a valuable guide that’s specific to your model – not just a Jeep Renegade, but your specific model year. Take particular note of the maintenance schedule if you want to extend your SUV’s life.
  • Do regular checks. Tires, fluids, and filters can have a big impact on your drive experience and your vehicle’s lifespan, but they’re easy to neglect. Make regular checks part of your routine to catch problems early and stay on top of necessary repairs and replacements.
  • Don’t ignore the check engine light. Yes, sometimes it turns on over small things – but even small things are better handled quickly before they become big things, and the check engine light could signal serious problems. Visit our Jeep service center as soon as possible if you see that light come on.
  • Watch the weather. While a Jeep Renegade is built to be tough, any vehicle will suffer from too much exposure to cold, heat, or sun. Try and keep your Jeep Renegade in a garage or shaded area when possible and give it plenty of time to warm up on cold days.

Jeep Service near Hazlehurst, GA

The best way to help your Jeep Renegade live a good long life is with help from our Jeep service center technicians. No need to search “Jeep dealer near me” – just call or visit Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM today to schedule a service visit!