It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a brand new Jeep® Wrangler or if your usual vehicle choices are used Dodge pickup trucks, quality auto parts matter. And the best way to ensure that your car, truck, or SUV will be at its best is to get genuine, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. That’s where we can help! Our Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM parts department specializes in your vehicles, and that means we’ve got parts tailor made for your vehicle. So why and how do you order auto parts at our dealership?

OEM Parts and Parts Ordering

Why Use OEM Parts

So why are these OEM parts are so important for your Jeep SUV or Chrysler minivan?

  • Perfect fit. Made with your vehicle in mind, you know these parts will fit seamlessly in to your vehicle.
  • Reliable quality. You chose your car in the first place, which means you trust the quality. And you’ll find that same high quality with every OEM part, since they’re made by the same people.
  • Easy choice. No need to wade through every variant of auto part imaginable, wondering how they’ll work in your vehicle. Getting the right part is easy when you choose OEM parts!

Ordering Auto Parts in Baxley, GA

Now that you know the benefits of OEM parts, how do you order them at our Dodge, Chrysler, RAM, and Jeep dealership?

  • Baxley, GA area drivers can come in person or visit our website.
  • You can get a quote for both the parts themselves and the repairs using the online form on our website.
  • If your part is in stock, we can start right away!
  • If not, we’ll schedule a service visit once your part arrives.
  • Our expert staff will replace your part quickly and efficiently while you enjoy our comfortable waiting area.