Whether you’re buying your first truck or just ready to upgrade on your last model, there are a lot of benefits to buying a used pickup truck. If you search for a used RAM 1500 for sale, you’ll of course notice that the purchase price is lower than new models. But there are other ways you can save with a used pickup truck!

How Buying Used Helps You Save

We won’t go in to all the benefits of buying a used RAM truck today, but here are our top four ways that buying a used pickup saves you money.

  1. Overall price. This is the obvious one, and we mentioned it before, but it is a big factor – the sticker price on a used model shows the immediate savings when you buy a pre-owned truck.
  • Slower depreciation. With a new car, there is a huge drop in value very quickly after you take ownership. With a used pickup truck, the value depreciates much more slowly. This means you could save money when the time comes to resell your vehicle.
  • Lower insurance premiums. Insurance rates are based largely on the value of a vehicle. With the rapid depreciation mentioned above already over, a used truck is likely to have much lower insurance premiums than new.
  • You might pay less in interest. This isn’t a guarantee, but if the lower purchase price means you can make a larger down payment or set a shorter loan term on your used pickup, then you’ll end up paying less in interest overall.

Used Pickups in Baxley, GA

There are plenty of other advantages to buying a used truck from our Baxley RAM dealership. Call or visit today and our expert staff will walk you through all the reasons to buy a used vehicle, and help you find the perfect used pickup truck for you.