Shopping for a new car like the 2019 RAM 1500 is an involved task. Once you narrow down what you want, you need to factor in financing, whether or not to lease, and what to do with your existing vehicle. While the internet is full of great resources to help you come prepared, it also provides plenty of car-buying myths that don’t work.

At Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we’re helping our customers get the right advice when it comes to car shopping.

We’ve serviced the Baxley and Waycross, GA areas for years and in addition to offering you with plenty of resources on our site, we’ve also seen all the tricks. An old, but still popular myth is that by dressing down or showing up in a run-down car, we’ll assume you don’t have much money and offer you a better deal. The fact is, we always run a credit check so, despite your appearance, we’ll get the information we need.

Another popular car-buying myth involves not telling the dealer you plan to lease until we’ve agreed on the price of the new car. However, we offer specialized leasing options that often give you more savings than negotiating a lower purchase price.

Many people believe that you can save by not mentioning your trade-in until you’ve confirmed the price. This practice is so common it’s called parachuting the trade. We call it that because all it does is slow the process down.

There’s also the myth that it’s cheaper to get financing from a bank. However, this tactic limits you to one option, the bank. We provide multiple sources for financing, many of which offer lower rates and better repayment periods.

When it comes to buying a new car, we encourage you to do your research and come prepared. We also want you to have a pleasant experience and are always happy to work directly with you to give you the best options possible. Visit us today to explore our offerings.