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Buying a new car, whether it’s your first car or not is a pretty extensive process which contains many aspects. One particular aspect that many car buyers find confusing is the vehicle warranty.

As your local dealer, we want you to have as much information as possible and feel confident in your decision. To help, we’re breaking down common warranty types and what they cover so that you can buy with peace of mind.

New vehicles come with a New Vehicle Limited Warranty. A limited warranty covers specific components of your car related to manufacturer defects. Not covered are parts that need periodic replacement such as the wipers, filters, and brake pads.

There are several types of warranties that your new vehicle typically gets. The first is a bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. This warranty is the most comprehensive and covers problems relating to areas of your vehicle such as the electronics. Many bumper-to-bumper warranties come with terms like 3-years/36,000-miles.

Next is a powertrain warranty. The powertrain or drivetrain warranty covers areas not covered by the bumper-to-bumper warranty related to the areas that make your car move such as the engine and transmission. Often, these warranties last longer than your bumper-to-bumper warranty.

You may also get a corrosion or rust warranty, which covers the cost of repairs due to rust or premature corrosion of your car’s outer materials. Lastly, there’s the emissions warranty which covers repairs to defective parts of your vehicle that affect your fuel emissions and prevent them from complying with the EPA.

To learn which warranties we offer and to go ever everything those warranties do and don’t cover, feel free to stop by our dealership located at 1859 Golden Isles West today and speak with our expert sales staff.