Being a good driver doesn’t just mean obeying all of the traffic rules, it also means being hyper-vigilant about all possible hazards. Drivers really need to pay attention to these four in particular:


It’s always important to look out for kids walking or on bikes, and this is especially true in residential areas. Even children who know not to go into the street may forget if they’re chasing a ball. Pay heed to those “Drive like your kids live here” signs and just slow down.

Construction Zones

You should also pay attention to the signs in construction zones. With pickup trucks and other vehicles crossing the roadway, workers and machines in the street, and new driving instructions, construction zones are high-risk areas.

Other Drivers

We’ve all seen drivers weaving in and out of traffic or acting erratically. While it’s easy to get mad or honk, road rage never solves anything. Do what you can to avoid them and you’ll be much happier, and safer.

Bad Weather

It won’t be long now before the rainy season gets to Baxley, and wet roads mean slick conditions. When winter comes, ice and snow will make it even worse. Give yourself more time to get somewhere when the roads are wet, and drive slower and stay further back from the car in front of you.

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