Have you ever taken home a new pair of jeans without trying them on? They looked great, they were just your size, so you thought why waste the time? Then, you got home, and they looked horrible on? This is why we stress test drives. Even if a car seems just your size, sometimes it just doesn’t fit.

Start by searching our inventory of new Dodge cars online to determine the features that are best for you. You can filter results by price and style of course, but also narrow it down to fuel efficiency, fuel type, engine type, and more. Then, once you have an idea of what’s important to you, come by the dealership to take a spin in a handful of them.

Visit with our team to go over the features you want out of a car and we can help you try them out on the road. Are there driver assist technologies that are important to you, such as blind spot monitoring or adaptive cruise control? Do you need extra safety features? Once you try them, you may wonder how you ever lived without them. Or, you might realize there are some you can certainly do without.

Then, the most important part is to test these features anywhere and everywhere. Can you park a RAM Heavy-Duty truck? Do you prefer the extra power of the Jeep® Grand Cherokee when you get on the highway? It’s always different behind the wheel.

Stop by our Jeep dealership near Waycross, GA to go out on a few test drives. We can help you out test out features, try out safety options, and navigate any condition you’d like. Stop by and see us at 1859 Golden Isles West in Baxley, GA. We’ll see you soon!