Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM isn’t just passionate about offering great deals on Dodge vehicles to Baxley area drivers. We’re also dedicated to educating them about car maintenance, such as routine oil changes. Here are the three top reasons why you should be getting regular oil changes on your Dodge Durango SUV.


Why Are Oil Changes So Important?


Oil is one of the most essential fluids inside of your SUV’s engine. It lubricates all of the engine’s components so that they will not overheat when working as one whole unit. Without regular oil changes, the oil can get gunky and stop properly lubricating the engine, resulting in extensive wear and tear, overheating, and the possibility of your engine malfunctioning all together.


Top Three Reasons to Get Your Oil Changed


  1. Keeps your engine clean: Routine oil changes will remove engine wear particles and prevent sludge from building up. Both of these can be culprits for engine corrosion.
  2. Better Fuel Efficiency: Regularly changing your Dodge Durango SUV’s oil will keep the engine properly lubricated, which drastically decreases fuel consumption.
  3. Increase Your SUV’s Life: Regular oil changes will keep all of the engine’s parts working in tip-top shape, ensuring that your Dodge Durango SUV is running its best for years to come.


Scheduling an Oil Change in Baxley


If your Dodge Durango SUV is in need of an oil change, make a service appointment at our Baxley area Dodge service center today. Our technicians work around the clock in order to get you back on the road, and back to your life, as soon as possible. We also offer a ton of different service specials to help you save money.