Browsing around online or checking out a variety of social media outlets will surely show you a wide variety of life hacks. However, there are some great car hacks that every driver can benefit from. Once you have your new or used vehicle from your local Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealership, these are some of the best tips for you to take with you whenever you are on the road.


Getting Out Of A Slick Situation


If you find yourself in a little bit of snow or ice and your tires are spinning and you do not have any sand or kitty litter handy for grit, simply reach into your vehicle and remove one of your rubber floor mats. Simply placing it behind your wheel will give you a good bit of traction that you can use to get out a lot easier.


De-Icing Your Windows


Even if you go out and try to start your vehicle on a day after freezing rain has been coming down, it can be difficult to get some of the ice off. Grab your hand sanitizer and you can use it to quickly de-ice not only your windows but easily get your key into the lock.


De-Fogging Those Headlights


Dull, fogged up headlights never look good, nor should you be driving around with them like that. Take a clean cloth and some toothpaste and rub in a circular motion to watch the foggy look disappear.
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