One of the most important things about being a car-owner is taking good care of your vehicle. Especially if you own a vehicle as powerful and capable as the 2020 Jeep® Cherokee. For starters, our team here at Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM recommends sticking to a schedule of regular oil changes and tire rotations.

But, what if your car starts to experience other issues? Fortunately, our auto team are experts in the industry and can help you out with any vehicle issues you have. One question we get asked is, “When do I need to replace the struts in my vehicle?”

Signs Your Struts or Shocks Need Replacing

To spot any errors with your struts or shocks, you need to be aware of what exactly they do. The struts and shocks in your vehicle are mostly responsible for stabilization. These parts function to dampen the impact of any uneven roads and also protect the undercarriage of your vehicle. 

The first thing to look out for is the quality of your drive. If you’re experiencing a bumpy ride even when you’re on a smooth road, there’s probably an issue with your struts or shocks. Another key sign of poor struts is a stiff steering wheel in your Jeep Cherokee. If you can’t seamlessly turn or change lanes, then your struts or shocks might be affecting your vehicle’s performance.

Visit Our Service Center Today

Delaying a visit to our service center could do a lot of damage to your vehicle, so if you notice any of these signs you should act fast. Stop by our car service center near Alma, GA, where our auto team can fix your vehicle in one short appointment, so you can get back on the road in the vehicle of your dreams.