If your car has trouble running or you notice your check engine light activate, you may find yourself looking for Dodge replacement parts. And when you go to get your car repaired, you should always choose genuine Dodge parts and visit our team here at Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM.

When you speak with our certified Dodge technicians, they’ll be able to tell you just why choosing genuine Mopar parts is so important.

1. Mopar Parts Last Longer

You can expect a longer life out of a Mopar part compared to a non-OEM imitation part. So even though your Mopar part will cost more upfront, you’ll still save money in the long run by not needing as many repairs.

2. Get Reliable Performance

Mopar parts are made by Chrysler, who owns the Dodge brand. This means that when you choose a Mopar part for repairs, you can expect it to perform at the same great level as your original part.

3. Better Efficiency

The higher quality of Mopar parts translates to better efficiency for your vehicle. When you use an aftermarket part, it just won’t perform up to par with a genuine Mopar part, including when it comes to efficiency.

4. Longer Car Life

When you put parts that last a long time into your vehicle, you can reason that your car will have a longer life as well. Putting subpar parts in your vehicle won’t allow your car to reach as many miles, leaving you wondering what could have been.

5. Warranty

Many Mopar parts are covered by a warranty, which can help you save even more while giving you more peace of mind on the road. However, you can’t expect other parts to have the same type of coverage.

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